Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Sager Saga

(Originally posted on my other blog 2-6-2007)

Photo of the 3 Sager children that survived to old age: Catherine, Elizabeth, and Matilda

Catherine Sager Pringle, Elizabeth Sager Helm, and Matilda Sager Delaney.
Taken at the 50th anniversary commemoration, November 1897.
(Photo identified by family members and historians.)

I have read "Seven Alone" by Honore Morrow many times as a child and an adult. It was one of the few good books I had as a child, so it was loved. My copy was burned when I was in high school, along with other books (we had a house fire while in the process of moving out...not too much was lost, and we were all safe, PTL!), but I found a copy on good ol' E-Bay a while ago. My sis-in-law has it now, and doesn't want to give it back. I guess I'll have to find another!!

At any rate, lest I digress, I read in the preface that it was a true story. Therefore, I had always accepted that it was! As I was researching for school this morning, I came upon this page which tells the TRUE story of the Sager children. I should have thought about it, as an adult, that my favorite historical novel had fictionalized portions...

Still a great story that I will be reading with my Lambies. We'll be reading "The Stout-Hearted Seven" by Neta Lohnes Frazier since I haven't a copy of "Seven Alone" right now.