Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Boy Who Ran To The Woods

I read this book to my 11-14 year old set last week.  It's been on my shelf since I found it at a library sale. I did not preread it before reading aloud.  I was taken by surprise at the heavy content of this beautiful book, but the hard topics were handled with care by the author.  I don't think I would read it to a child under eight, or an older child who is sensitive.  

Not many children's books tackle violence between children, juvenile delinquency, parental "tough love" and the difficult transition back into society after making bad life choices. The ones that do, don't do it with the wisdom, beauty and tact that this book uses. 

This damaged and angry little boy is brought to healing by a wise and determined father and the beauty of a lovely forest.  Nature study features heavily in his healing, and the illustrations are soothing and hauntingly beautiful. 

I'm glad I found this book and it will retain its place on my shelves.