Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fun History for Kids


Taking a break from books can be a very refreshing thing.  Playing at a topic is every bit as effective at teaching as reading!  The Libertarian Homeschooler recently shared this link on Facebook.

Primary History

I can't wait to let my Lambies browse around, play the games and see where their interests take them. There's so much great information here I just HAD to share! Of course I will be nearby with book suggestions to further explore their newfound engrossments.

B is for Hilda Boswell

Hilda Boswell had an enormous impact on my childhood daydreams.  My mother bought me a book in a thrift store when I was but 4 or 5.  It was called "Hilda Boswell's Treasury of Children's Stories". It quickly became my very favorite book. I still have my beloved, worn out copy. They were published only in the UK, and everyone who has one loves it, so copies are scarce. I watch Amazon regularly for a better copy, but they run around $40 minimum and I, so far, I haven't clicked BUY.   Her illustrations in this book are incredible.

I have several other fairy tale and nursery rhyme books of hers as well, that I bought as an adult. They are also beautiful, but don't touch the quality of the drawings in "Children's Stories".

This illustration is from "Through the Fire" by Mary de Morgan.  I just read this to my Littles as I prepared this blogpost. They loved it as much as I do.   The link is to the text of the original story, which was abridged somewhat in Hilda Boswell's version.

This awesome illustration is from the first story in the book, "The Story of Fairyfoot" from "Granny's Wonderful Chair" by Frances Browne. This was my first-favorite story of all time.  The detailing in the fairies faces, the carving of the chair, even the breeze ruffling the curtain....ah, dreamland for a young Mommaofmany!  

This is from my second-favorite story, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.  Even when I was young I recognized the eternal meaning of this story.  What a picture of love!

The Pied Piper got its turn being graced by her watercolors, along with other favorite characters. Don't you want to join the children in their frolic in Fairytale Land?

She also did many nursery stories with which I was not familiar. Have you met The Naughty Elf? I never had before getting this book.

You can read a chapter of C. S. Lewis' beloved "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", illustrated by Ms. Boswell here.  She called it "Lucy's Adventure in Narnia". I don't have a printed copy of this, so I am thrilled to have found this online scan!

You can never go wrong by adding Hilda Boswell's works to your library.  I hope I've introduced you to a new favorite! Make sure to go over to Acknowledging Him for Veee's favorite "B" author or illustrator!