Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Weeks of Unusual Animals Mini-Units

It's school time again!  Hooray!  My younger set (grades 3-5th) expressed interest in unusual animals the other day, so I made a bit of an overview study for them to enjoy the first two weeks of school.  We are doing Chemistry/Physics this year as our main science focus, but I don't want nature study to take a backseat. There will be a few of these types of studies thrown in throughout the year. These are short little studies, perfect to do in those short bits of free time in between other activities.

Two Weeks of Unusual Animals


Sloth Facts
Bathtime for Baby Sloths
Mouldy, Buggy Sloth
Sloth Coloring Page


Aye-Aye Fact Video
Aye-Aye Coloring Page
Aye-Aye Facts


There's very few authentic pictures of blobfish.  Here they are in an album.  Click the right side of the picture to move to the next one. I couldn't find an authentic video clip of a blobfish in it's habitat.
Blobfish facts


Platypus facts
Platytpus video clip
Platypus coloring page
Platypus (Step Into Reading)
Kindle book with over 50 pictures: (free at time of posting)


Echidna video clip
Echidna facts
Echidna Coloring Page

Yeti Crab

The Discovery of the Yeti Crab
Yeti Crab facts
Yeti Crab Swarms
Yeti Crab Snack
Scientific paper of Yeti Crabs, with detailed outline drawings


Pictures and facts about capybara
Capybara coloring page

Sea Spiders

Sea Spider facts
Sea Spider Coloring Page (make the picture larger scale before printing)
Sea Spider video clip

Sea Pig

Sea Pig Facts
Sea Pig video clip (note that it is sped up 10X!)