Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Learning

We are on summer vacation right now, as many of you are, too. Around here, the learning never stops, even on vacation! 100 EZ Lessons go on, a few times a week, for the littlest Lambies. Everyone has time for reading favorite books and various projects have been started, worked on and/or finished. Lots of time is being spent on physical education in the forms of biking, basketball, football, skateboarding and swimming. My eldest son is learning the manly skills of lawn mowing and pool maintenance. He also has expressed interest in learning how to make jam. The girls are doing lots of cooking, beading and some creative writing. The Littles are doing lots coloring, painting and imaginative play. We also like to spend lots of time in our beautiful mountains, hiking, camping, fishing, and admiring God's amazing handiwork!

I try to do something "schoolish" every day or so, besides reading, so we have less loss of skills to deal with when we start again. Here's some of the things we have done or plan to do:

Learning Wrap Ups
Homemade Play Dough
Schoolish Computer Games
Math-U-See blocks (the Little love building with these!)
Janice VanCleave's books (when I want a bigger project)
Anatomical models
Work in the garden
Lego blocks
Lego games

Do you have any activities that you do especially in the summer? Any websites, kits or ideas to share?