Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Boy's Handicraft

(Originally posted on my other blog 10-9-2007)

My eldest son, Vic, has had a new hobby the last few days. He has been disassembling our old VCR. It was nearly dead, and refusing to give up a VHS tape that it had inside. My Honey asked him to take it apart and get the tape.
He used a screwdriver and pliers and enjoyed himself greatly!
Dad got in there and explained how all those things worked together to make the VHS play.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aquarium Trip 2007

(originally posted on my other blog 10-3-07)

Monday we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was Homeschool Day so it was filled with lots of other eager children running from exhibit to exhibit. My Honey brought his camera and took many pictures, but I only captured a few good ones. My camera was set to 2 instead of 6, so most of mine were grainy once I could see them on the computer screen. Sniff...

Here is BabyJ. He climbed up this rock "cliff" all by himself. I don't think he knew Daddy was behind him... just in case. He was so proud when he got to the top! The folks at the scope were nervous and seemed a little disapproving as they watched him climb. "I hope that baby doesn't fall!" she said loudly. She doesn't know he's been climbing things for 'years' now!
We told the Lambies not to get wet, since it was a long trip home, and they were very good. They only got a very little wet. Who can go to the ocean and not be chased by the waves??

And finally, BabyJ is learning to wink. How adorable is this??
We had a long day, but it is well worth it! I also met a fellow blogger! My Lambies were walking past her on their way to the shore area and she recognized them! She stopped me and greeted me and we chatted for a few minutes. How fun to meet a reader!