Monday, September 22, 2008

Cranial Helix Aspera

My son Troubles and daughter Missy love snails. They are entertained for hours by finding a snail or two and playing with them. They are very gentle and rarely ever crack a shell, let alone crush one. I don't mind this slimy pastime, as long as they wash their hands when they come in. This however, I did mind...a little bit.

But who can resist that face?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Preschool Activities

I have lots of little Lambies, along with my bigger ones. What to do with little ones while schooling the olders? This year, I am prepared!

I made up bags and bags of activities that are only for school time. I bought a three dollar clear tub to put them all in and *poof!* preschool is ready!
There are many more bags, but this gives you an idea of the activities. Most are "on-your-own" things the little ones can do by themselves while I am teaching the bigger ones in the same room.

I got ideas for the baggies contents here and here. Since I had almost all of the manipulatives already, the cost was very minimal. I purchased a bulletin board
alphabet set at our local teacher's store and punched out two of each letter. I bagged them in groups of about five for a letter identification and matching activity. Everything else came from around the house.

Troubles loves his school box. He shares the activities with the three year old I babysit most of the time, but not always. I don't make him, since it is "his school". Along with being involved in Bible time, 100 EZ Lessons, being read to by brothers and sisters and watching the older children's activities, he is busy and engaged almost all day! Throw in chores, lunch, free time and nap time comes fast!

I am finding it a joy to school seven children along with two preschoolers... and we are still getting done by 2 or 3 PM daily!

Please share how you include your preschoolers in your day!