Monday, May 19, 2008

A Hobby Farm

(Originally posted on my other blog 5-19-2008)

We took a trip recently with some friends to another friends farm. This friend is supplying our family with fresh, fertile eggs and -wow- are they delicious! She is enjoying our homemade freshly ground wheat bread in exchange. I love barter!

Here are "our" chickens.

We discovered a duck, secreted away, laying on her eggs.

She has an aviary, complete with nesting doves, like this one, parakeets and other lovelies.
Here is a guinea hen, who gives us small, very hard shelled eggs.

Here are some adorable chicks.

And one of the many goats. He is in need of a good shearing, but he's so handsome!

Here are a few of the children near the dear donkey.

We had a great day! Thanks for the invitation, Tammy!