Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Review: "What In the World Is Going On?" by Dr. David Jeremiah

I received this book from Thomas Nelson for review. Dr. David Jeremiah lays out the prophetic Biblical passages in a clear to understand manner, engaging the reader with stories and accounts that hold the attention. It's a basic explanation of pre-trib rapture with current events discussed in the appropriate places.

It, like any book that deals with current events, is dated in places, but I was mentally able to add newer events that have occurred since it was published. That made it even more exciting! I think it would be challenging for my 9th grader, but understandable. I like that the author emphasizes the need for America to support Israel. Also, Scriptures are quoted in whole and not piecemeal. I think anyone who loves the Bible and longs for the Lord's return would enjoy and benefit from this book.


  1. As far as pre-trib or post-trib rapture go - I don't have a theological opinion. But if I got a vote, I would vote for pre-trib!! LOL!

    I'll be interested to read this. Has it already come out?

  2. Yes, Pais, it is. You can get it on Amazon for a very reasonable price.


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