Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Organizing Project

We're taking some time off for Thanksgiving, so I am undertaking a HUGE project. I am noting the titles (and other information) of ALL of my books, and reorganizing them. I began a couple of days ago with novels. Here's the stack that the Lambies brought:

This isn't all the novels, by all means, but they are the ones from my elder daughters' room and from several of the library shelves. I can only work with so many at once! By Friday afternoon I was done cataloging them and putting them back into order. That stack had 840 books in it! I even found a small stack of doubles and "I don't really need this one, I guess" 's. School books will be next, and then I'll begin the science section.


  1. WOW! That is quite the undertaking! Are you doing all of them are have you learned your lesson by starting with the novels? :-D Did I hear a silent "updating LT" in there? :-P I love you my friend and hope to be able to hug you soon.

  2. I am still plugging away. I am over halfway through the school books on the shelves in the family room. Next comes the shelves in the Boys room and then the Middle Girls room. Then I will begin on the top left science shelf and work my way through the library. How long do you guess it will take?

    I do have a slowly growing stack of discovered doubles and a few "I-guess-I-don't-*really*-need-that's".


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