Friday, January 18, 2013

A is for Ardizzone

My friend Veee is also profiling her favorite authors or illustrators, so after reading here, pop over to find out her pick at Acknowledging Him

My choice for the "A" post is Edward Ardizzone. I've posted a little about his works before.  I am always struck by the beauty of his watercolors.  The fuzzy edges and wiggly lines make me feel that even *I* could draw like him, if I tried. It just looks so homey and natural.  Of course, he was a master illustrator, winning the Kate Greenaway Medal for Tim All Alone and numerous other awards.  No one could REALLY draw like he did!

He was able to capture the spirit of childhood in his drawings.  The emotions that emanates from his work are warm, comfortable and inviting.  I love the old fashioned styles and stories that he illustrated and feel like I *dream* in Ardizzone at times.   

Wouldn't it be great to have your child content at pulling a wagon full of babies around and be satisfied? Our children have so much technology around them at all times and are not content any longer. I miss the days of Tim.

Let's give out children a view of childhood that they haven't had and is HARD to get in our time.  Simplicity. Contentment. Adventurousness. Wide open for dreaming and doing.  Go to your library or Amazon and start enjoying Mr. Ardizzone's world today! 

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