Friday, March 15, 2013

Common Core

I usually don't touch on political issues here, but please take a few minutes to look over these links.  The Common Core "education" standards that the federal government is quietly slipping into states is SO dangerous that I want everyone to be aware.  You most likely read this blog because you homeschool, but you have many friends, neighbors and family members who don't.  Please help educate them in this very invasive program.  The American people can stop these unConstitutional violations if we stand together and demand our God-given freedoms and rights be respected. These "standards" are being forced on all of us, even homeschoolers.  Many well-known curricula have complied already, unknown to their customers.  This must be nipped in the bud now.


  1. As a Christian mother of a child in Public School, I am extreemly interested in looking into this. I checked out your links. . . but I've yet to find out what the standards are, or where I can look at them, or an assessment of individual standards. Do you have any links that are more about WHAT they are rather than people saying to be wary of them?

  2. One big problem is that little of the actual work is being released. Some brave teachers have "smuggled" some out...sometimes a child brings home a paper rather than it being collected at school as it is supposed to be. They want to content to be under-wraps. I have seen samples of some of the actual work. Let me look around and find the link to add.

  3. Here's some examples of "math" from Utah's CC pages. Their home page ( has many more links to read more.


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