Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Practical Education

So many things that kids learn in school are important and academic, but fail to prepare them for real life.  Do you know anyone comfortable talking about and performing higher mathematics, but can't maintain a savings account or pay bills on time? What about people who know ancient history backward and forward, but can't tell you how much is taken from their check in taxes each pay period?  One who can write a great thesis, but not check the oil in their car?  

Practical education is even more important than academic facts, in my opinion.  Any of these links will give you a starting point for a series of lessons about real life issues everyone should master! There are more skills, of course, that could be listed. What would you add?

Know God.  Life means nothing without Him. 

Get a REAL Education  (so good I printed off and read it before each school year)

The Joy of Practical Learning

Basic Life Skills Teens Need 

Cooking From Scratch

Basic Car Maintenance

Financial Education for a Lifetime of Money Management Skills 

Learn to Repair Anything in Your House

Small Engine Repair 

Very Basic Home Maintenance Tips 

Basic Survival Skills 

Basic First Aid  (please take a course from a professional)

How to Survive a Car Accident

Baby Care Basics 

Elder Care Checklist 

Disaster Preparedness (search for CERT Training in your area)

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