Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Equestrian Class

I finally scheduled an Equestrian class. I found an ad on Craig's List for horse lessons and e-mailed the instructor requesting a class for the entire family instead. She was happily open to the idea and we set a date. Long story short, it was hard to get together! We finally met this morning after many e-mails and had the class. It was so much fun!



She had the children jump right into horse care and before too long, they knew the ins and outs of curry combs and brushes, were using the foot pick like pros, and had even learned to saddle the beasts.









All of the children (and Momma) took turns riding. No one was frightened and no one fell off. Everyone took turns and helped one another. The instructor seemed impressed with how the children behaved, listened and tried to put to practice what she taught. We have been invited to return tomorrow to see the farrier at work and enjoy some more riding time. She has offered free lessons in exchange for "slave labor" around the stables. What an opportunity! I know we will be learning, working and exercising a lot at the stables. So exciting!


  1. Yup, they can learn a lot about horses by hanging out at a stable caring for them.

    Good Job, Mom.


  2. WOW!! It looks like you guys had a great time. I hpoe some of the kids will contiune to exchange labor for ridding lessons.


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