Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guitar Lessons

Two of the Crew have expressed a desire to learn to play the electric guitar. We had two or three acoustic guitars on hand already, so they began practicing. I had a few beginner guitar books also, so they began studying. Our friend from church, C., who is excellent at the guitar, showed them some chords and is helping them now and again.

The children saved and saved and finally were able afford a beginner electric guitar. They were so excited! My Honey and I found another at a local store clearanced from $199 to $49! We now have two electrics for them to practice on. Praise God for his provision!

C. is pleased with their progress. They practice diligently in their free time and have a few friends that play, too, so they are learning new things all the time!

My responsibility as a homeschool mom is provide materials when the time comes and the Lambies various interests are the best teacher of all! They are continually teaching themselves better than any scheduled lessons could ever.


  1. That's great that they saved for the guitars themselves! That will make them motivated to work hard at it. What a smart mom you are!

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