Monday, May 24, 2010

Watch Out For Chicken Feet In Your Soup!

I bought this cute little book at the last library book sale. It's a sweet little autobiographical story by Tomie de Paola about one of his grandmothers. I read it to my five year old son and eight year old daughter yesterday. They wanted to hear it again today. That's the hallmark of a great book, right?

The book has a recipe in the back for the Bread Doll that was made in the story. My young ones were excited to make a Bread Doll for themselves. Warning: lots of pictures of Cuties follow!

They scalded, poured and measured.

They mixed, cracked and kneaded.

They waited and waited for the dough to rise...which it didn't. I don't know why, but it rose only a little. Oh well, it tasted good regardless.

They rolled, they chose their egg color (our eggs are brown, blue, cream and pinkish), and helped braid the dough. It smelled wonderful, even before baking.

At last ds did the egg wash and helped pop The Dolls into the oven.

Forty-five minutes later......ahhhhhh.

It was a good day at the Crew's Preschool.


  1. I love it! We're thinking of making some Thunder Cake around here from the book of the same name...though we have no Thunder so speak of.

  2. That is so clever! And just your kind of book. Chicken feet-- oh my, I'll eventually get around to trying that.
    Gotta look for that book!!

  3. Just brought it home from the library. :D

  4. Make sure to read it with your best "Old Country Grandma" accent!


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