Monday, June 7, 2010

Truth and Grace Memory Book

I received my most recent Amazon order today. Using the search engine Swagbucks, I earned $25 in gift cards that I used to purchase "Truth and Grace Memory Book" (#1, #2 and #3!), edited by Thomas K. Ascol. I also bought a few other books that I might share about another time.

The Truth and Grace books are going to be my scheduling spine for Bible study next year. We'll continue reading together through the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter, as we always do, but we will add in the suggested verses, hymns and catechism work for our memory work. I have looked them over and am excited about them.

Book One contains verses and catechism for age 2 to grade 4, Book Two, grades 5-8, and Book Three, grades 9-12. There's a line after each verse to record when it has been memorized, but I will not be marking in the books. That is a habit that I dislike very much.

This catechism is a Baptist work. I didn't know that anyone but Catholics used a catechism before I heard Voddie Baucham teaching about it in "Family Driven Faith". I'm really looking forward to adding this type of study to our days.


  1. What does it mean that it will be your scheduling spine? I've heard that word a lot in CM circles, but have no idea what it means.
    Ditto that about catechisms and Voddie Baucham. They sure are helpful in teaching doctrine to our kids!

  2. Ginger, the term "scheduling spine" to me, means "the book that I use to keep track of what I should be doing". It's a way to make sure I don't slack!

  3. Presbyterians use the Westminster Catechism...or at least they used to. I imagine that Lutherans do as well.

    Inigo Montoya


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