Sunday, June 27, 2010

July Party!

Remember that I am trying to have a fun little study/party once a month with the Lambies? Last month, we learned all about Flag Day together. I did not plan ahead enough to make a flag colored dessert or anything fun like that. This month, besides The Fourth of July, which we celebrate as a family, I want to put some forethought into a fun day. Off to the list of July's special days, weeks and month designations.

I found a few interesting ones. My favorite possibilities are:

Blueberries Month
National Unassisted Homebirth Week (1st-7th) (not really suited to a kids party, but fun to know anyway!)
Freedom Week (4th-10th)
Rabbit Week (15th-21st)
Chocolate Day (7th)
Embrace Your Geekness Day (13th)
Cow Appreciation Day (17th)
National Ice Cream Day (18th)

I'll be pondering options for celebrations. Please leave any ideas you may have for me!


  1. I say you do Chocolate Day and Ice Cream Day and skip the rest. Oh, and now I'll be doing something on the 17th. We'll all yell: Yay for cows!

  2. LoL I'm all about Chocolate and Ice Cream day too! Combine them for chocolate ice cream!


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