Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Party, Party, Party!

I want to spice up our homeschool ala Renee. Therefore, I am going to attempt to work in a party day once a month. I am not a party person. I hate arts and crafts. I dislike shopping. I am trying to avoid sweets most of the time. However, I have children! I have children that are old enough to enjoy putting together a party. They LOVE arts and crafts. They enjoy planning, shopping and decorating. It seems like this might work...

Here's my idea source.

bubbles Pictures, Images and Photos

March's party will be in celebration of National Bubble Blowers Week. This will be an easily prepared party, good despite rather short notice. In fact, I have already gathered many links regarding bubbles!

Too bad I missed March 11th...that was Johnny Appleseed Day. That would have been fun!

I have my eye on either the 22nd or the 23rd for April's party (despite having two birthdays that week). Wonder which day the children would enjoy celebrating more?

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  1. Renee inspired me to party more with the kids, too. I try to get together once a month with a fellow homeschooler to celebrate ... whatever! Dr. Seuss Day is in the works (thankfully my friend is thick with ideas, otherwise we'd only have "normal" parties.

    Such fun ... I love the bubble blowing day!


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