Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Science Experiment!

My daughter, Polly, came to me today with a request. She had gotten down a science book and saw a simple, fun experiment she wanted to run with her younger brothers and sister. I looked it over, set down some ground rules and said yes. She ran off to the kitchen, delighted. I continued school with the olders in the living room.

When it was all ready, she called the Littles. She explained the experiment. For some reason, Missy didn't want to participate. She missed a lot of fun!

Here are Polly, Troubles and Jack learning about what happens when bubbles meet, observing that they are covered with rainbows and more! For further study, tomorrow we'll look at these links... we might play these games...and maybe even try one of these....



And they are having such fun doing it, too!


Hope you enjoy this spontaneous mini-unit study.


  1. Hello~ Thanks for visiting my blog today. I tried to comment over on your other blog Feeding the Crew but couldn't for some reason.
    I loved your post about making Kombucha without a scoby. I will have to try that soon~

    Thank you for the Orange Smoothie. That sounds delicious and we'll try it soon~ We also love homemade Orange Julius :-) Double delcious~

    I have yet to get a list together of what I have on hand that I am not using anymore, school wise. But I'll post it when I do :-)

    Love your blogs~ Cinnamon

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for including a link to our bubble science article! It means a lot to us when moms and teachers (and moms who are teachers!) share our work with their readers - so thanks! I'm looking forward to spending more time on your blog - you have lots of great stuff here! Feel free to get in touch with any ideas you have for other resources we could add to Education.com (kedenATeducationDOTcom). Thanks again! Kat (Education.com)


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