Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Peek Into Our Binders

The children each have a binder that is anchor of our studies. It guides each childs day and shows them (and me) what they need to accomplish. Last time, I shared how I organize the schedules for each child. Here's a picture of my Y6 daughter's checklist schedule:


Note how she X's off things we skip, miss or choose not to do on a certain week. Most things get a check mark. Each subject is completed before the child may check mark it. I have to verbally ok an X.

See also how there are extra lines where I have listed the books for the day? It seems that there's always something I forget to list, so it gets penciled in when we discover an omission.

Each child 2nd grade and up is participating in Geography. We are using Ann Voscamp's Explore the Holy Land. Included in geography is mapwork. I print the maps off from the included CD and they are slipped into a sleeve in the binder.


I print off the AO weekly schedule for the older children, first having copied it to a word processor and adapted it as I need. I delete books we are subbing out and add in our personal changes. This helps the kids know exactly what to read, since, in the older grades, it's not always 1 chapter a week.


Each child also has a pencil bag, extra lined paper for notes, and 3-hole-punched drawing paper for sketching. One child has a small atlas she found at a garage sale. Younger children have flashcards of sight words. Most of the also have a spelling dictionary. Some of the older children choose to keep their spiral notebooks (for Grammar and Spelling Wisdom) in their binders. Others keep them in their school drawer.

Next time, I'll give you a tour of our school closet.

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