Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Herbert the Lion

(Originally posted on my other blog 7-25-2006)

Here's my next offering for book reviews. I found this one at my local used book store for $5.00. That's more than I usually pay for a book but this is a great one! This is not my own picture, but one I copied from Amazon.

Clare Turlay Newberry won a couple of Caldecott awards for other books. I have not seen any of her others, but am keeping my eyes open for them. (ETA: I have most, if not all now) Herbert the Lion was first published in 1931 and has the feel of the roaring Twenties. The style of clothes on the characters, the car the family travels in, groceries being delivered to the home, it's all so Twenties! The illustrations are fairly simple; the color palette consists of only the two colors plus black for outlines, but the overall feel is delightful!

Sally is a little girl who wishes for a lion. Her mother brings one home for her, then the adventures begin! The problem is stated on page 8: Herbert grew, and grew and GREW! There is even a nutrition lesson in this short story!

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