Friday, January 22, 2010

Math-U-See Fun

Polly and Jack played a fun little MUS game today I thought I'd share with you. This game develops counting, an understanding of place value and skills in saying large numbers.

To prepare, gather unlined 3x5 index cards. Write the digits 0-9, one on each card, first in green ink, then again in blue ink and finally in red ink. These represent the colors of the MUS blocks and help them grasp place value.

Then, grab a couple of cute Lambies and set up the activity. Put the cards in separate piles. We keep the MUS block in plastic shoeboxes, and it works well with this game to separate the blocks into three groups.


Put the piles of cards in front of the appropriate box and turn the top card over.




Now have the child build the correct number and say it aloud.


It's really a simple thing that keep kiddos busy for quite a while, and is easily scaled back to just counting for a younger child. You can also make it harder by adding addition and subtraction problems for them to build and solve or by mixing the blocks all together and shuffling the cards together so they must place them in proper order themselves.

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