Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys and the Frogs

The Boys and the Frogs by Aesop, illustrated by Milo Winter

Narrated by Troubles:

The boys were throwing stones and the frogs were scared. One of the frogs, the one who was brave, stuck his head up out of the water. He said....

Narrated by Missy:

"Stop. We don't want to die."

Concluded by Momma:

The Moral of the Story is..."Always stop to think whether your fun may not be the cause of another's unhappiness."

Missy also used the moral for her copywork today.


  1. Does she do copy work every day? And how old is she and how does her writing look?

  2. Missy is eight and a half. She is developmentally delayed, but is learning well. She is functioning at a basic K level, and has for a year or so now. Her academic learning happens very slowly, but surely. She's come ever-so-far from her "blind, deaf and will never walk" diagnosis she had as a baby.

    I will post a picture of her copywork later on today. :D

  3. Very clever kids!
    Maya's favorite Aesop is the Milkmaid who tossed her head and spilled all her milk. Remember that one? She got such a kick out of acting it out.


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