Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lego Mania!

I suppose all homeschoolers deal with it. Legomania, that is. All of my boys and most of my girls LOVE getting out the Lego.

Years of watching yard sales and swap meets carefully have netted us two very large tubs of Lego. We also buy new when the price is right. In addition, we have a tub full of the Lego that my husband had when he was young. The Crew is Lego Spoiled!

One thing that suffers from all the attention is the ever-popular manual. The schematics. The instructions. So many things that they make are freely built, but some Lambies in particular like to follow the visuals. That's hard to do with so few booklets.

Tonight, I discovered the motherlode of Lego-manuals. is downloadable from I don't know how this nugget of information evaded me for so long. Jack is going to be so happy. PDF's are soooooo convenient!


  1. Very cool! I got tired on stepping on Legos, so I quit buying them. More power to ya!
    fyi, the "price is right" link only goes to an image.

  2. I keep them limited to one room. If the Legos leave the room, then up they go. They only stay out for a few days at the most, no matter what. That way no one gets bored.

    I meant for it to go to that image. It expresses what price is right for buying new. ;)

  3. Oy, if I put my son onto those booklets I may never see him again. I better wait til next summer for that.
    He loves the magic pen, by the way. Thanks for sharing the link.


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