Friday, August 6, 2010

Learning With Dover

One way I enrich our studies is the use of Dover coloring books. We are blessed to have a bookstore in the next town that carries a large selection of Dover books in-store. When I search my shelves for a certain historical time period, science topic, or famous person and don't find a corresponding Dover, I head out and get one. If they don't have a certain one in stock, I get it on Amazon. They make our studies so much more interesting! I like to let the kids color while I read the related story. It helps my kinestetic learners stay tuned in.

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  1. We love our Dover colouring books, too. Another useful supplement are the Usborne (or Costco) sticker books. They come in all sorts of topics. I have a few that like books and stickers, but don't like to colour.


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