Friday, February 26, 2010

Momma's Books

I looked around my nightstand and surrounding messy floor and thought you might enjoy knowing what books are on my reading list. I neatened them up and snapped a pic to share with you. That pic did not work well, so we went to the bright and sunlit library and staged this picture instead.

Some of these I have just begun, some are old favorites and go-to's and others are yet-to-be-enjoyed.

I forgot to grab the one I just finished reading. It's Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart. It's an interesting read and has quite a mystery as the real-life backstory.


  1. DH recently finished reading Common Sense. I perused it :) Are you liking Kildee House? I was thinking of making it our next read aloud.

  2. I just found Kildee House a few days ago and haven't started it yet. You must recommend it if you are considering it as a read aloud. That is enough for me. It must be good!


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