Sunday, February 7, 2010

My School Closet Bookrack

My custom made bookrack caught someones eye in a previous post. I was asked to provide details and better pictures. My readers' wish is my command, so, here is my wonderful bookrack.


My husband used a thin sheet of plywood for the backboard and some thin molding to make the frame. He drilled holes in the frame and glued in thin, flexible dowels. He angled more of the molding for little shelves for the books to sit on. The books slip easily behind the dowels and are held nicely.



He screwed it to the inside of the school closet door, using mollies to make sure the fit was tight. He made sure the screws would not protrude through the door, but go in enough to hold it firmly. It has held without problem for several years.


The downsides: Babies must be taught not to pull on the dowels. We lost one low 'shelf' to Toddler Troubles. I need to remember to buy another dowel to replace it! Thick hardcover books do not fit. Those are the only two I can think of!

I love going through my library, choosing out a variety of books for free reading time, and arranging them in the closet. The children wake up to a fresh bunch of books they might not have found otherwise. I also use it for mini-unit studies, especially based around upcoming holidays.




Can you tell I am excited about spring?

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  1. Forwarding this to my dh for his honey-do list. :D


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