Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's That Bug?

My children LOVE bugs. They bring in all sorts of examples of insect life they find outdoors, they hatch and release, and later, capture and raise praying mantids every spring and summer. We have a couple at church that brings in all sorts of creepy-crawlies (including the tiniest scorpions you've ever seen) to gift my children. They seem to have an eye for all tiny, little (and not-so-little) creatures!

A few years ago, we found an interesting creature on the wall at church. No one had any idea what it was! We took it home, put it in a jar (with a stick and a leaf to recreate what it was used to*) and I began to research. I simply could not find out what it was! We kept it overnight. I searched the next day, too. When I found nothing, I told the Lambies to release it. I didn't want it to starve in our care! Just a half hour or so later, I chanced upon a, THE SITE. The very best insect identification site ever.

I quickly found our bug, which happened to be a Solpugid:


However, he was lost in the jungle that was our yard. We couldn't find him again, as much as we wanted to. I did, though, find a homeschool website that we find invaluable. Make sure to bookmark the homepage and check frquently. They feature the ever-interesting "The Bug of the Month" and an effective search feature. We like to just browse all the beauty and wonder of God's creation!

*This is a reference to a comedy bit my husband enjoys.


  1. That is one of my son's favorite websites. He would love to have that bugger in his collection. I'd be a little creeped by it, but it is quite a fascinating specimen.

  2. You have scorpions in your area? Surely you MUST live in our neck of the woods ~ Texas perhaps? Haven't heard of this website before - I'll have to introduce it to my little "bugger"! Thanks & Blessings to you and your family!

  3. My friend, that is the ugliest looking critter I've seen in awhile!

    Each time I look on here, it gives me the shivers!

  4. I think that's the disgustingest bug I've ever seen. I know this doesn't fall into your "pleasant words..." guidelines, but I had to say it!

  5. That's ok, Bobbie-Jo. Not everyone has learned to love the creepy-crawlies of the Lord's world. ;) But do try to get out with the children, turn over a rock and see the buggidies doing the Lord's work. Try to at least appreciate the wonder of their tiny creation! Hold a wiggly worm if you are feeling brave!

  6. Yes we do! :) We often have a mini bug habitat in the house, or a disection plate if it's already dead. As for holding it ... I'll think about it!


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